Change the way you treat!

Photos by Rebecca Simpson Steele


Sweethearth Bakeshop is a gluten-free and all-natural bakery with the mission to change the way you treat!  Owner and pastry chef Brittany Vellucci has persistently worked towards this vision for nearly two decades. From bakery salesgirl to pastry chef with a severe gluten intolerance, Brittany has always been passionate about desserts that not only look beautiful, but taste great, too.  She began to experiment with vegetables and herbs and was pleasantly surprised with the delicious flavor they contributed, and even more so by the beauty they brought.

Nature already provides us with some pretty sweet ingredients; it only makes sense trying to bake and decorate with as much as naturally possible.  The first product developed for Sweethearth Bakeshop was the Roots & Seeds granola--a grain free granola with seasonal vegetables, reduced added-sugars, and multiple ways to consume (try it on top of a cupcake!)  From there, she developed macaron fillings with beet and fennel jams, brownies made with cauliflower puree, and cookies with fresh mint and tarragon.  Menu development is a seasonal endeavor that involves sourcing local ingredients, testing gluten-free grains, and developing new flavor profiles.  She is so excited to be selling at local farmers markets and can't wait to help bring the farm to your dessert table!